San Francisco Roofing is a locally owned and operated firm that performs top quality roofing repairs and installations.

for both residential and commercial PROPERTIES throughout the San Francisco metropolitan area.


Residential Roofing Service and Replacements

We offer a wide variety of residential roofing types from green roofing installations to bitumen cold or torch applied, metal and shingle roofs. Selecting a right roofing material is always the key to a long lasting, happy roof. Let us analyze your roof, heat and humidity factors, relative position and slope, we can give you the most efficient options on a new roofing installation or repair schedule to your existing system.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofs require more knowledge and horsepower to service and replace, San Francisco Roofing has been in commercial roofing business for over a decade and we know what to do when your business roof is in trouble. Reach out to us for a quality inspection service that can outline the issues roof over your business may be facing before storms break out.

San Francisco Roofing was founded over two decades ago, and we only employ the most skilled and experienced roofing specialists available. You can rest assured, knowing that you will be dealing with well educated and seasoned roofers fused with latest technology, bonded and insured. Our primary goal is to provide the best roofing service possible to all that are in need throughout San Francisco.

The importance of the roof over your home or business should not be overlooked, although it is easy to do so. We believe it is very important to inspect your new or existing roofing system on a yearly or bi-yearly basis to avoid issues when the rain season comes. An attractive roof can enhance the overall appearance of your property, by adding much needed "curb appeal". No matter if your property is a commercial or residential one, selecting the ideal material and style can positively impact the appearance of your property.

Service We Offer

Our primary goal is to provide the best roofing services possible


New Roof Installations

Our skilled roofers are capable of installing many types of roofs. Whether you need a roof that consists of wooden, tile, or even metal shingles, we can repair or install the roof that suits your needs. We will work with you to determine the best material and style to re-roof your San Francisco area property. O

Roofing Repairs 

Frequently, a roof does not need to be replaced entirely; it can be repaired quickly and efficiently. Leaks can originate from flashings that have become loose, or a segment of the roof becoming impaired. If there is a high amount of damage on the roof in question, however, then a brand new roof will be required in order for the property to stay safe.


San Francisco Roofing is famous for using latest "Smart" demolition techniques while using the latest trends in material separation, we make sure we keep waste to a minimum and pass savings on to you.



San Francisco Roofing is also a certified A+ general contractor and we know framing better than the competition. When it comes to framing your roof – safety, quality and care is the key to a happy roof.

Skylights Installation

San Francisco Roofing is the leading skylights installer in San Francisco and Bay Area, we install all types and brands of skylights for every roof type and slope. We can recommend the best possible option for you – just ask.


San Francisco Roofing offers a wide variety of gutters, downspouts and drains for you to choose from, starting from the least expensive plastic brands to custom copper applications for any roof - we have got you covered.

Preventative Maintenance

Making sure your roof is healthy and properly maintained before any problems arise is very important. Roof is the first layer of protection of any house, before it's too late have one of our professionals inspect your roof and recommend a proper maintenance plan if you need one.


Waterproofing does not always have to be in connection with the roof, many people experience waterproofing problems but are not sure of their origin, having your waterproofing issue inspected by San Francisco Roofing can help you pinpoint the problem and establish a clear path to further repairs.

Storm Damage Repair

When the rain comes and your roof is leaking, San Francisco Roofing can help, we patch any roof in any weather and are available for emergencies. Call us 24 hours a day and we'll come prepared.


See What Our Customers Say About Us


I’m a designer, working from home in my 1950’s Castro home, my tar and gravel roof was giving up after 20 years of service, I’ve noticed leaks and searched online, found SF Roofing and was very pleased with punctuality and fast response I got from this company, from estimate to new installation SF Roofing made me smile. They definitely sold me on their appearance and professionalism.
— Jim Solhier, San Francisco, CA
Dealing with SF Roofing was a blast, I had an emergency and was frustrated with the leak, I wasn’t the best customer from the beginning but the way these guys work is fabulous and I had no complaints. Fast, reasonable and honest. A+ company.
— Betty Rock, San Francisco, CA

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SF Roofing is a part of Eco Smart


EcoSmart Group is a San Francisco's leading construction, roofing and general contracting company.



Our building, repairs and remodeling are done to “green” standards. From concrete and roofing to kitchens, plumbing and bathrooms, EcoSmart has been building efficient, green-friendly homes and making home repairs and improvements in the Bay Area since 1998. We make sure that 90% of the building materials used in construction projects are not only environmentally friendly, but also more durable than conventional building materials.

Whether your project is a new construction, home improvement, repairs, renovations, or remodeling, we specialize in making it green or green-er. More environmentally responsible, while at the same time more cost effective than conventional building projects.